Noemi’s Notables: October 2023

Hello all! I hope your fall has been going well.

1. Now that my passion for creating art is my business, I have to find things other than art and business to be my “hobbies.” Tearing myself away from my business and doing unrelated things is surprisingly tough, but so far I have taken up jigsaw puzzling and occasional photography (see end of post).

This puzzle – a rendition of a Frank Lloyd Wright painting – is one I picked up at a book fair, and it has lasted all summer, mainly because of how complex, yet simple it is. I plan to glue it together and framing it when I’m done. I love the gold pops, too!

2. With the last of the marigolds, I learned how to extract pigments from botanicals, to then make into watercolor paints! Then I just got obsessed and took over the kitchen to extract pigments from black walnuts, pine needles, pine cones, amaranth, and avocados. One problem, though . . . I still need to buy the materials for making the actual paint itself! 😉 They’re on my Christmas list.

3. Cozying up with the memoir Solito.

4. Spending way too much time enjoying really adorable photos of a film producer’s dog.

5. Watching replays from Spoonflower’s 2023 Surface Design Symposium. I especially loved the one about collaborations between surface designers and interior designers, which is something I am hoping to do in the future.

6. Fall always makes me want to redecorate and clean in preparation for being stuck inside for the next few months. I do love a DIY-redecorating video as inspiration.

7. Enjoying cozy fall comfort foods, like this amazingly delicious stuff with rice (which I ate three meals in a row, it’s sooo good).

8. The changing colors on the hills around our house, apple cider, acorns, lighting the wood stove for the first time, and going for walks in the afternoon sunlight.

What is your favorite part of fall?


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