Photo of surface pattern designer Noemi Salome. She has blue eyes, blond-brown, curly hair, and a large smile. She is posed in front of a wall of stacked firewood.

Hi there, I’m Noemi

I am a self-taught sewist, artist, and surface pattern designer growing my business from Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley where I live with my family and a fiesty menagerie of animals. Welcome!

My journey to surface design

I come from a very creative family. One of my grandmothers is a writer, another a quilter, and my parents are professional musicians. In this atmosphere, I have been creating since I could hold a crayon. (Okay, maybe not that long, but as long as I can remember!) I have always loved fabric, pattern, and watercolor.

I started my shop, Noemi Salome Design, in 2020. I needed an outlet for all the art I was creating and that I didn’t know what to do with. I floated around for a while, selling random things — greeting cards, vintage items, jewelry — until I learned about what I am doing now.

I first learned about surface design from a class by Heather Ross, Christine Schmidt, and Lizzy House on Creativebug. I thought, I could do that.  I made my first surface pattern in the spring of 2022, and I was hooked. 

My journey to surface design and building my business has been a wonderful challenge. I am still making and learning from my mistakes, but I’m also growing and getting stronger every day. I still work a day job at a local restaurant, but I love my business, and it nourishes me.

My Values

Art to me is freedom. It is the space I need to heal, relax, and to just be myself. Thank you to my family for being supportive of my huge and ambitious dreams and giving me the freedom to explore.

Join me on the journey

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